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  • BCBS of Mississippi
  • MS State and School Employees Health Insurance Plan Managed by BCBS of MS
  • Connected Care Partners
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid/Magnolia Medicaid
  • Cigna with HealthLink Network
  • Magnolia CHIPS
  • Humana, except Humana Medicare
  • Ambetter
  • HealthLink Network
  • MPCN Network


By participating as a network provider, we agree to accept the fee your insurance approves as the charge for your healthcare services rendered to you.  Depending on your individual insurance deductible and copays, you may owe the entire approved charge at the time of your visit.  We will do our best to estimate what you owe, but we will ask for and expect payment at each visit when payment is due.


If you have insurance with which we are not a network provider, we will ask and expect payment in full at the time of your visit.  We will do our best to estimate your payment based on what we know about your deductible and co-pays. 


We will file insurance claims appropriately one time for you. Charges not covered by your insurance are your responsibility, and prompt payment of balances due  is expected.  It is your responsibility to insure that we have your current and correct insurance information, address, and phone number at every visit.


Some individual  insurance policies may require prior approval of services that you need.  It is your responsibility to notify the clinic of your prior approval requirements.   You should notify your insurance company about any procedure you plan in order to meet your prior authorization requirement.  Absent these notifications, you could end up being responsible for the entire cost of said procedure.   You must bring your insurance card each time you come to the clinic.

NOT MEDICALLY NECESSARY SERVICES: These services are deemed unreasonable or unnecessary either by the doctor/nurse practitioner or by your health  insurance carrier for one reason or another.  In this circumstance, insurance will not cover these services.  If this is expected, you will be responsible for these charges at the time of service. Medicare supplemental plans will not cover any service first denied by Medicare as not medically necessary or unreasonable.


These are services that insurance never covers, and therefore charged directly to the patient for payment at the time of service.  No claims will be filed on non-covered services.  Medicare supplemental insurance will not cover any service first denied by Medicare.


The advanced beneficiary notice is a form that is used to notify you if we reasonably expect that a service your are about to receive will be denied because your insurance carrier deems it unreasonable or unnecessary.     Your have the right to refuse such service and your doctor/nurse practitioner will counsel you on the necessity of such services to assist you in making a decision whether to proceed with such services.  In this case, you may be asked to sign an ABN in which your accept financial responsibility for the cost of the procedure.  If services are not covered, payment is expected from you at the time of service. 


We will send monthly statements to you if you have a  balance due. Patient due amounts are expected to be paid in full on receipt of billing.

​Worker's Compensation Cases​

Medical care must be approved by your employer prior to rendering  your care in absence of an emergency.  Otherwise, you will  be asked to pre-pay for your assessment and assume full responsibility for your charges.  

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Health insurance will not cover any care when another insurance, such as car insurance,  is responsible to do so. Therefore, for health care rendered as a result of motor vehicle related injuries,  you must pay for your visit at the time of service.  You may submit your receipt to the car insurer for consideration of payment. We do not file claims to car insurance carriers.​

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