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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Updates for Our Patients

Click here for a letter to our patients

The ever evolving COVID-19 pandemic will be a trying time for our community, but it is most important to us that you do not experience an interruption in your healthcare needs. Our number one priority is helping you stay healthy, whether you have concern for Coronavirus or another illness. If you are having a serious health issue that is an emergency call 911 or report to the nearest emergency room.

Due to recent urgent changes in the Mississippi regulations for the practice of medicine by your doctor,  we have expanded our services to enhance your access to us and your medical needs. We hope to accomplish this by use of our online patient portal and by management of your non-critical healthcare needs by telehealth.  However, be wary that you may be sought after by physicians taking advantage of these changes who are not familiar with you or your medical history.  We strongly recommend you continue to work with us, The Family Clinic, on your healthcare needs.  

COVID Vaccine Information:

  • We will be a vaccine provider, but do not know when vaccines will be distributed to our clinic. If you are a patient and would like to be on our waiting list, please send us a message through the online patient portal
  • You can find the most up to date information about the phases of getting the vaccine at the Mississippi State Department of Health website, linked here
  • As of January 14, 2021 all doses of vaccine that have been allocated to Mississippi have been distributed to local health departments and select private clinics and hospitals for distribution. You can look for appointments with the drive through health department locations here or by calling 877-978-6453. Other locations can be found on the MSDH website as well
  • Chronic qualifying conditions for the vaccine are listed here
  • You can find more information about scheduling a vaccine at OCH Regional Medical Center here

In general we recommend you practice good social distancing and hygiene:

  • If you have a chronic or immunocompromising condition and/or you're over 65 avoid leaving your home unless absolutely necessary
  • Avoid areas where more than 10 people are gathered
  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20-30 seconds or an alcohol based hand sanitizer often
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • As of April 5, 2020 the Mississippi State Health Department and CDC recommend use of masks in public places, such as grocery stores. If you must go to a location like this, it should only be out of necessity and you should complete your trip as quickly as possible.

If you think you have Coronavirus or have been exposed to Coronavirus:

  • Symptoms concerning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) are fever, cough, shortness of breath, stomach upset and change in your sense of smell or taste.
  • Call the clinic for instructions. Our staff is prepared with a screening questionnaire that a doctor will review to determine what type of appointment you need.
  • Testing for Coronavirus was not readily accessible in the early stages of the outbreak and is still somewhat limited; however, tests are more available now. It is NOT recommended to test patients without symptoms. If you think you should be tested, please call the clinic to inquire.  

If you have symptoms of any illness:

  • Please call the clinic or send us a message on our patient portal. We will provide instructions to you based on your symptoms. 
  • Avoid going to the emergency room for non-emergent visits. Call first. 
  • Stay away from others, especially the elderly or those with chronic conditions. 

Instructions on visits with us:

  • We are taking precautions for your health and safety. We have made many changes in the clinic and our procedures. It is important that you follow any instructions given to you by our staff. 
  • ALL patients are being screened with the same questionnaire prior to any appointment at this time. Please answer the questions honestly.
  • Please CALL BEFORE any appointments, we will still have same day appointments available, but it is very important we know you are coming before you arrive. 
  • If you have a routine followup scheduled we are now able to offer visits by FaceTime and other video platforms. If you would like to have a video or phone visit, please notify our office staff. 
  • Non-urgent visits, like wellness only visits, will be delayed until shelter in place orders are no longer in effect. If you are unsure if your visit is considered non-urgent, please call.
  • For video and phone visits we will make every effort to contact you at your appointment time; however, we still have patients and responsibilities in clinic that may delay your visit. Be assured that if you have a video or phone visit scheduled WE WILL contact you before the day is over. See our Telehealth page for more information.
  • ON ARRIVAL to the clinic, we now ask that everyone remain IN YOUR CAR. You will be directed to a specific parking lot based on the reason for your visit and your symptoms. Once you have parked please call 662-323-3162 and remain in your car until you are given further instructions. If you are unable to call us, you may us our intercom.
  • The employee parking behind the building and the east parking lot, both off Brandon Road, have been designated for sick patients. When you arrive, remain in your car and call 662-323-3162. If you are unable to call please use the intercom at the back door.
  • The front parking area and the west parking lot, both off Hospital Road, have been designated for regular followup patients without respiratory or abdominal upset illness. When you arrive, remain in your car and call 662-323-3162. If you are unable to call please use the intercom at the front door.

Chronic conditions that put you at risk for Coronavirus:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease (history of heart attack or heart failure)
  • COPD or Asthma
  • Smoker
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Autoimmune conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or crohn's disease

Medications that may put you at risk for Coronavirus:

  • Prednisone
  • Methotrexate
  • Humira
  • Other biologic or immune modifying medications

Ways to reach us:

  • Call the clinic directly, but please be patient. We expect the phone lines will be busier than usual, but will be making every effort to keep them open and may be calling you from unfamiliar numbers. Please check your messages often. See our contact us page for more details. 
  • Use our patient portal. If you are not enabled for the portal, all we need is your email address. 
  • Use the Healow app you can download to your phone via Apple or GooglePlay
  • If you have an urgent need after hours and need to speak with the doctor on call, please call 662-323-3919

Examples of activities to AVOID:

  • Group gatherings of 50 or more people
  • Sleep overs
  • Athletic events
  • Workouts in gyms
  • Non-essential workers or visitors in your home
  • Mass transit systems
  • Concerts or crowded shopping areas

Examples of activities where you should use caution:

  • Visiting local restaurants or grocery stores
  • Picking up medications or take out
  • Traveling to any location
  • Visiting any public location

Examples of activities that you can do safely:

  • Take a walk or go for a hike
  • Yard work
  • Spring cleaning in your home
  • Read a book or listen to music
  • Cook a meal
  • Family activities at home
  • Movie night or game night
  • Group video chats