Steven C. Brandon, M.D.

Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine

Emily B. Landrum, M.D.

Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine

Our doctors, nurse practitioner, and staff collaborate together on a daily basis to provide you with personalized and comprehensive healthcare, ranging from wellness needs to acute inpatient hospital care,  from the youngest to the oldest in your family.  From simple to complex problems, our staff are qualified and experienced in meeting your healthcare needs. 

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Health Insurance

We accept most public and private insurance plans. Visit our Billing/Insurance page to learn more about our in-network participation. 

Patients are responsible for checking their benefits and coverage prior to their visit.

Dr. Landrum and Dr. Brandon have both gotten their full series of COVID vaccines plus a booster dose! You can see more by checking out Dr. Landrum's interview with WCBI here or follow her on Facebook. 

We currently have Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines available. You can get one with your next appointment or on Wednesdays or Thursdays. 

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​The Family Clinic offers family medicine and urgent care services provided by doctors and nurse practitioners. Urgent care visits may be by appointment or walk-in basis, but we ask that all other visits be scheduled by appointment. We typically have same-day appointment availability. Call 662-323-3162 to schedule an appointment.

Booster COVID Vaccines and Flu Shots Available!

Booster doses are recommended and approved for all current COVID vaccines. As of March 29, 2022 the FDA approved a 2nd booster (4th dose) for those aged 50 or older.  It is recommended you get this dose 4 months after your 3rd dose. Call today to schedule!

In accordance with CDC recommendations we recommend a booster for anyone age 12 and older 5 months after you have completed your primary series of Pfizer or Moderna. We recommend using the same vaccine as your primary series. For more information on boosters click here. 

For those who got J&J vaccine, we recommend a Moderna or Pfizer booster 2 months after your J&J dose.

Appointments are required for all COVID vaccines.

Flu shots are available anytime from 8-11 and 1-4.

​Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Click here for the most recent update!

We know many of you still have concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Although we have more treatment options available now, vaccination against COVID still provides you the best protection from severe illness and/or death. Masking, good hand hygiene and social distancing are still useful in prevention of infection. You can find more information about local case rates and risk here in order to make informed decisions about activities. Unvaccinated, elderly individuals, and/or those with chronic illnesses remain at the highest risk for infection that could lead to serious illness or death; however, this is not always the case. If you suspect you have been near someone with Coronavirus and/or have symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath stay home and call us at 662-323-3162 for instructions. We have multiple appointment options available to accommodate your needs. For more information please follow the links below: 

Our Coronavirus page

MS State Department of Health

CDC Guidance


Thank you for considering us for your healthcare needs. Our philosophy of medical practice is rooted in more than 60 continuous years of service to patients in Starkville and surrounding areas.  Our medical staff is well trained and experienced in health/wellness maintenance, urgent care,  and long term care of chronic medical problems. We have experience in working up difficult to diagnose conditions.  We recommend a  long term healthcare relationship as your and your family's medical home.   We guide our patients in navigating a complicated healthcare system efficiently  with an emphasis on managing your care to avoid unnecessary and duplicated care and tests.  While this can be challenging at times, we believe the physician patient relationship is a joint one in which we assess, educate and guide you through your healthcare decisions. Come visit The Family Clinic in Starkville for your health care needs, where you can have a medical home!  

New Patients

We are accepting new patients of all ages to our practice.  Visit our "New Patients" page to prepare for your first visit.

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Click "Patient Portal" above to access our on-line portal where you have secure access to your health information. New patients can preregister.

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